Monday, August 1, 2011

One Room Down, 8 to Go!

We have our first finished room in the house - the master bathroom!  Well, finished until I decide to update the faucets and light fixture.  But, that will be awhile so I'm labeling it finished for now!

When I glazed the bathroom vanity, I also glazed some trim to add to our mirror as a frame.  I debated between an espresso frame and a white frame to match the trim, but I went wish espresso since the counter tops are a very light off-white. 

The process for the frame was similar to adding trim to our bathroom doors. I purchased trim from Home Depot that had the look I was going for.  Then I measured and used our miter saw box to cut each trim piece at 45 degree angles on each end.  I glazed the pieces.  Make sure the glaze the back as well, as the back of the frame will reflect in the mirror.  Once the pieces were glazed, I used gorilla glue to glue them around the mirror.  I finished the frame off by using wood filler in each of the tiny corner cracks and giving those cracks a little glaze. 

The frame was my final step to our finished bathroom.  Ultimately, I'd love to replace the light fixture and faucets, but everything costs money so I'll live with them for awhile! 

Here was the bathroom before we moved in.  Complete with a wallpapered window scene - you can see the reflection of it in the 2nd photo.  

And here it is now:

Here is a rundown of what was done:
- removed the wallpaper and painted the walls Glidden Granite Gray
- painted the trim white
- made a roman shade for the window
- added new towel bars and hooks
- created my own artwork, both the painting and in the frames
- purchased frames for above the toilet from Pier1
- glazed the bathroom vanity
- added a frame to the mirror

It only took us 7 months, but it feels good to have one room completed!


  1. It looks great! Love the color and I love the mirror frame. Good work sister:)

  2. Love it! You're giving me a serious crush on gray. And I love the touch of the white bowl holding facecloths on that nice, big counter. Have you done a post on the artwork you did? I'd love to see a close-up!

  3. Wow, what a change! It looks amazing. I love makeovers like this that look NOTHING like what was there before!