Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baby Update

Today was the big day, the day we got to take a look at Baby Hall again to make sure s/he was looking healthy. find out if baby was a boy or girl.

I also had an appointment last Friday, in which Dan asked nicely if we could take a peek at the baby to see if we could tell boy or girl.  The Dr. quickly agreed, rolled in the ultrasound machine and looked over baby - which resulted in telling us she was 75% sure baby was a girl.  Awesome!  We went home, and since both of our families were in town, we shared the exciting news - we were on team pink!  All weekend long we talked about girl names and wearing pink and everything girl!

Much to our surprise, when we arrived at the appointment today, the first thing was learned was....Baby Hall is a BOY!!!!  I guess he was just being bashful on Friday, but he wasn't shy at all today. 

We laughed. For at least 5 minutes.  Funny things happen to Dan and me, so this just goes with the flow of our lives.  And we couldn't be more thrilled!  We were thrilled when we thought he was a girl and we are thrilled that we know for sure he's a boy!  Most importantly, he looks healthy and is measuring right on track!

He was really active the entire time the ultrasound tech was trying to take his measurements - he was kicking and flipping and sucking his thumb.  Then when she switched to get a good 3D picture, he curled up in a little ball and didn't want to let us get a good look at his face.  He might be a little stubborn like his mother ;) 

Today was so much fun, what a great experience to see our baby again!  I don't think we've stopped smiling yet! 

Now, on to shopping for a baby boy!!

And, since pictures are fun (or creepy, depending who you ask ;)), I suppose I'll include a couple of those as well:

Baby Boy sucking his thumb:

18 weeks pregnant (I looked like a goon, so it was necessary to crop my head off)