Monday, March 21, 2011

Roman Shades

(ignore the mess, this was taken on move-in day)

Isn't that window covering lovely?  No?  Not so much?  We didn't think so either!  So I used a popular blogland solution to give our windows the pretty treatments they deserved - I made a roman shade from a mini blind.  Here is the tutorial I followed, it was really simple and quite cheap!

I thought the biggest challenge would be finding a fabric I liked that would also match the floor in the bathroom (I don't love the floor).  In fact, when I drug Dan to JoAnns he asked what we were doing there and the conversation went like this:

D: What do you need to get here?
B: Some fabric for our bathroom window, I want to make a new curtain
D: Oh, good, I've wanted to rip that ugly curtain down since we moved in!  So, we'll be in and out, since you know what you are looking for?
B: I know what I need fabric for, I'm not so sure what I am looking for though
D: **BIG SIGH**'ll be awhile.....

Fortunately, we walked in and there was the fabric, staring me down, with colors that would match our floor beautifully!  We were out of there in no time, it might even be a record.  I am known to go in to the fabric store, look at all the fabric, drool over a few of them and then leave empty handed because I can't make a decision. 

Anyways, here it is, our new roman shade:

And those holes in the wall.....they'll be fixed tonight!  Since we were saying good bye to the curtain, we also decided to say good-bye to the off center, never used towel rack.

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