Sunday, March 6, 2011

Latest Additions: Master Bedroom

Now that we have the walls painted in our master bedroom, it was time we started bringing in some artwork.  In true DIY fashion, I decided to paint a couple paintings for above our night stands.  I am a girl that loves clean, crisp lines - as you can tell by most of the patterns in our room.  To balance that out, I felt the paintings needed to be more abstract/free flowing. I forgot to take a good picture of just the paintings themselves, so this will have to do:

In addition to the painting, I also hung up a frame.  I knew I wanted the artwork above the nightstands to be large, but making the painting as large as the frames would have been too much color for the look I wanted to achieve.  The "empty" frames were the perfect solution - at least I like to think so :)  Dan also agreed and loves the look!  

The lamps are also a new addition, bringing in the perfect amount of sparkle/shininess/bling! 

The best part about a DIY project is when Dan gives me the big two thumbs up once it is complete.  I always run my ideas by him, but he can't visualize the same way I can, so I love it when he loves the end result!  

And one more great thing about completing a project - getting to cross it off the list!


- make artwork for the walls
- get lamps for the nightstands
- get large floor mirror
- paint trays on nightstands
- paint and maybe recover the chair
- paint the side table by the chair
- paint the dresser
- accessorize
- paint the trim white

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