Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paint can transform anything....

....including the curtains for our master bedroom.  We desperately needed window treatments in our master bedroom, it is a large window facing the front of our house after all.  I'm sure our neighbors are sick of watching us walk around in our underwear by now ;) 

I knew I wanted something with a little interest and color on our windows, but I wasn't ready to introduce another pattern in the tune of full length curtains.  So I picked up some white cotton curtains and decided to paint them.  When trying to determine what to paint on the curtains, I remembered this blog post and loved the random sized stripes she had painted on her walls.  That was it, that was just the inspiration I needed. 

The process didn't go quite as smoothly as I had hoped.  The plan was to use the painters tape I had on hand, tape off some stripes, use a foam brush to pain the stripes and hopefully it'd take less than an hour.  Boy was I wrong - the tape didn't stick to the cotton - so 5 hours later, I had completed the hand painted, straight stripes across the bottom of each panel.  Good thing I love how they turned out!

Please excuse the poor quality cell phone picture, taken at night.  The colors aren't exactly accurate, either.  

I think I could have gone a bit wider/bolder with the stripes, but I still love them the way they are.  

The master bedroom is getting closer and closer to being complete:

- make artwork for the walls
- get lamps for the nightstands
- get large floor mirror: coming soon, hopefully I get to pick it up this week!
- paint trays on nightstands
- paint and maybe recover the chair
- paint the side table by the chair
- paint the dresser
- window coverings (2 parts)
   - curtains
   - blinds
- accessorize
- paint the trim white 

Since this post was all about paint, any suggestions on what colors to paint the chair and small side table?  

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