Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mellow Yellow

We decided on yellow - Mellow Yellow by Behr to be exact:

The old door was the same color as the house - acceptable, but boring and uninviting.

Since we were working on the door, we also gave the hinges a coat of spray paint.

And replaced our lock.  The lock hasn't worked right since we moved in.  It was always pretty embarrassing when someone knocked on the front door and it took me a good 10 tries to be able to unlock it.  I'm glad I can now unlock the door on the first try!

The process of painting the front door was quite simple.  Dan removed the door and all the hardware, then gave the door a light sanding to get rid of the brush marks from the previous paint job.  I used Behr's paint and primer in one exterior paint and gave the door 3 coats of paint.  That's it, that is all it took! 

While I was busy painting, Dan decided to spruce up our mailbox area.  I don't have a before picture because the old mailbox was disassembled before I even knew what he was up to.  He dug out the weeds that were surrounding the mailbox post, removed the old worn mailbox along with the two plastic newspaper boxes, mounted a new mailbox on the post and added rocks around the bottom. 

But projects required a small amount of time and effort, but make us smile big :) 


  1. The new yellow looks great! Love it! Little project do make a big difference! ;)

  2. Love the yellow! I'm your newest follower from the nest :)

  3. Saw a picture of your yellow door on Pinterest. Nice color choice! Can I ask what brand and color your house is? I'm thinking of painting my house gray and I love the color of yours.