Thursday, September 15, 2011


The weather is telling me fall is here - the high today so far has been 55!  With the crisp fall air, I figured it was time to get out the fall decorations.  I don't have much, but I got out what I do have. 

Now on to the fun wreath I just made for the front door.  After browsing pinterest (let me know if you want an invite!) the other night, I was inspired to make my own fall wreath.  

I started with my supplies:
- a branch wreath from Michaels ($2.50)
- scraps of fabric I had at home (free)
- bead spray from the clearance isle of Michaels ($.50)
- glue gun (already had - free)

Next I made flowers out of the fabric.  I ripped the fabric in 1 inch strips, started at one end and just twisted and glued the fabric around and around in a circle. 

After I made the flowers, I simply glued them to the wreath and added some of the bead spray.  Simple as that!

 I have to run some errands tonight, so I'll probably pick up some thick ribbon to hang it from, but for the time being it looks like this.  Such a cute addition to the front door for only $3!

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  1. Such beautiful holiday decor! Your wreath is so pretty! Your yellow door is awesome, by the way. I LOVE that color! What a happy welcome to your home!