Thursday, September 29, 2011

"New" TV Stand

Our TV has been sitting on a tv stand from Dan's bachelor days, that was entirely too small for the TV. 
(picture is from when the tv was upstairs)

I picked up this dressed off of Craiglist, hoping to use it in our bedroom:

I got it home, to realize I didn't love it for our bedroom.  But I decided to give it a make-over anyways.  I figured I could use it behind our loveseat in the basement as a sofa table. So, I painted it white with some left over paint from a different project.  During the painting process, I removed the legs to make it easier to paint them.  That's when Dan came out and said "I really like it without the legs" and at that moment, the lightbulb went off - we could use it sans-legs as a TV stand.  The legs were wobbly and all scratched and dented anyways. 

Before setting up the TV stand, I wanted to figure out the cord situation.  Cords are ugly and I wanted them hidden.  First, Dan drilled a hole in the back of the dresser for the cords from our DISH box to go through.

And then he drilled a small hole in the wall, for the cable.  Fortunately, we have an unfinished storage room behind that wall, so it was simple to run the cable through the wall. (with DISH, you can't use the cable hookups that are already in the walls)


Now we have this pretty new TV stand

It's as if this dresser was meant for our TV.  It is the perfect width, and our DISH box fits absolutely perfect in the place of the top drawer. 

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