Monday, July 18, 2011

Good-Bye Honey Oak!

The bathroom is the first room in our house to be completely free of all honey oak!  This weekend I used this glazing technique to turn our bathroom cabinets from honey oak to espresso.  My camera was dead, so I didn't get the step by step photos.  But, I  followed the tutorial step for step and the only difference was the brand of products I used .  I used Behr Sweet Molasses and Behr Faux Glaze, mixing the glaze and paint 4 to 1. 

Here they are before the transformation:
 It is hard to see the cabinets in this picture, but it is all I have, I forgot to actually take a before picture that I knew would turn out specifically to show the color of the cabinets.  For reference - they matched the color of the door. 

Here they are now:

MUCH better - prettier and more modern, just my style :)  

P.S.  One of these times I'll stop getting SO excited to take pictures to share with everyone and wait for natural sunlight!  But, not this time :)

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