Monday, February 21, 2011


My parents came to visit this weekend and my mom and I made quite a bit of progress in my office and our master bedroom!  There is still quite a bit to be done in both rooms, but progress feels good.  

Master Bedroom Progress:  
There is paint on the walls!  What used to be a light lavender is now two beautiful shades of gray.  Picking out a gray color has been the single hardest task since moving in.  I think it took me 10 samples to get it right!  After all the samples, I narrowed it down to a couple options and Dan picked the final paint colors.  The dark gray is Glidden Granite Gray and the lighter gray is Glidden Pebble Gray.  Three of the walls are the lighter gray and the last wall is the dark gray.  The first picture was taken at night, so the color is a bit off, but the second photo was taken during daylight (blizzard style daylight, ugh!)

Office Progress:
Like the bedroom, we also painted my office.  I was going for a gray with the slightest bit of a blue undertone - but I ended up with more blue than I had hoped for.   When the paint first went on the walls, I was getting a bit nervous, but after a couple days I've decided I love it!  

The second project we took on for the office during my parent's short stay was starting the curtains!  I had been trying to brainstorm an idea for a curtain rod since the windows go right to the corner of the room- and my genius mom came up with the winning idea!  I ended up getting a corner PVC pipe, 2 wooden dowels and two wooden balls - all spray painted black.  I ordered fabric for the curtains some time ago and it has been sitting waiting to be made in to curtains.  We just cut the panels, sewed on black edging and hemmed one end.  I still have to hem the bottoms....but until then, here they are:

Both rooms still have a ways to go, but progress feels great!

Still to do....
- make artwork for the walls
- get lamps for the nightstands
- get large floor mirror
- paint trays on nightstands
- paint and maybe recover the chair
- paint the side table by the chair
- paint the dresser
- accessorize
- paint the trim white

- finish curtains
- hang artwork on the walls
- hang cork board
- paint chair & recover
- paint printer stand
- paint the trim white

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  1. looking good. Can't wait to see everything when you have it all finished :)