Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Closet!

This is the first "room" that is complete.  It actually isn't complete, but it is as close as it is going to get for awhile so I'm labeling it complete for now.  It's also not an actual room, it is my closet, the master bedroom closet.  The previous owners had built a closet system that didn't look finished.  It featured unpainted, unstained, rough looking wood, too long for the shelf - shelf holders, lots of visible screws and it wasn't very sturdy. 

The plan was to make it pretty and make it sturdy, but on a small budget.  So we very carefully disassembled the previous shelving system, as we wanted to use some of the same materials. We saved the shelving sides, rods, top shelves & rod holders.  The rest was unusable, for this project atleast, so down to storage it went. 
Once everything was removed, I painted the walls a fun aqua color.  

I also painted the previous shelves, rods & rod holders.  The rod holders I used the same nickle spray paint I used to paint our bathroom hardware.  The wooden pieces all got a couple coats of white paint that I had on hand already. 

The only thing besides the wall paint that I purchased was some additional shelves and the wood to hold to create shelf ledges.  While at Home Depot, I spotted the shelving planks that were pre-drilled to have adjustable shelves, but for the sake of our budget I utilized the materials we had and bought the 94cents wood for shelf ledges instead.  Thanks to the guy at Home Depot, I left with 8 perfectly cut shelves & 16 shelf ledges.  

Once I got home, we measured, assembled and painted the ledges & shelves to end up with this:
You'll noticed I decided to leave the left side as hanging room only.  We have enough drawers in our room, I didn't need the additional shelves they had installed before.  We ran in to one road block, which is the reason for the missing 3rd shelf (from the bottom) and hopefully that will be remedied soon! 

And here is the closet, full of my clothes, shoes & accessories:
(left side)
(right side)

Like I said at the beginning, it isn't quite complete, but close enough.  Ultimately, I'd like the trim to be white - but that won't happen for quite some time.  


  1. aw cute! haha it's funny i found ur blog through the nest..small world!