Sunday, May 8, 2011

Are doors necessary for a bathroom?

I guess the appropriate answer would be - yes!  But, it sure didn't seem like I realized that when it took me a good 3 weeks to complete this project.  I mentioned awhile ago that I was starting the long process of painting all of the trim in our house white.

I started in the bathroom, but I didn't stop at the trim.  I wanted the doors to match the trim and be white as well.  We don't have very fancy doors in our house, they are just flat, boring, hollow doors.  Instead of running out and buying all new 6 panel doors, I worked with what we had and fancied our doors up a bit before painting them white.

Here's the run down:

- Purchase 2 inch decorative trim
- Remove doors from frame and put your husband to work sanding the doors

- Measure the pattern on the door and draw a template with a marker.  I went with two simple rectangles evenly spaced above and below the door knob.  (didn't get a picture of this)

- Cut the trim to size.  We don't have any sort of an electric saw, so I cut my 45 degree angles with a miter saw box

- Once all of the trim pieces are cut to length, glue them to the door using wood glue. 

- Let the glue dry for the recommended amount of time - about 24 hours - or a week in my case
- Fill in the cracks between the trim corners to obtain a smooth finish.  I used nail hole filler because it is what I had on hand, but you could use caulk as well.  
- Prime and paint the door
- Hang the door back on the frame

- Accidentally break a vase in the process of hanging the door.  I highly recommend skipping this step!

- Step back and admire how much better the door looks
- Remember you have a long ways to go before all the trim and doors in your house are done
- Admire door and trim again to remind yourself it will be worth it once it is all done :)

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  1. Wow! That looks so good! We have to paint all the baseboards in our house and some days the thought makes me consider cheap (neighbor) childhood labor! Now that I'm pregnant I can't even touch a paint brush (well not for something as miserable as this).

    That is brilliant addition to your doors! My husband and I were just talking about how I was ready to chuck all of them out and buy new ones till he brought be back to reality and reminded me we can't buy a ton of new doors w/ working ones in the house! THANK YOU!