Friday, January 8, 2010

Step One of Bedroom Make-over

I have completed step one of what will be a very lengthy bedroom make-over. I have had the urge to redo our bedroom for quite some time, but given that we live in an apartment and have a nice bedroom the way it is, I've been resisting my urge. But, I, once again, won a drawing at work - so instead of spending my Target gift card on a bunch of stuff that I'd never remember (like toothpaste, chicken breasts and kleenex) I decided to get something worth showing. Something that I can look at and think "that looks great and I didn't spend a penny out of my own pocket for it...I won that!" So with that, I decided to go ahead and start the bedroom make-over. The last time I won a gift card from work, I purchased this pillow with it - as I knew I loved it and wanted it to be the inspiration for my someday (that came sooner than I thought) bedroom makeover.For a few days, I stared at these chairs, over and over again..debating which one I was going to get.

I love the thought of these chairs, they'd add such visual interest to any room! But, the realist in me took over. We won't be in this apartment forever, so as much as I'd like to think that our future home will have room in the bedroom for a chair, that may not be the case. So i'll continue to visit weekly to oohh and ahhh over these chairs!

Since the chair idea was nixed, I decided on bedding instead. After shopping the clearance racks, I walked out with more than expected...all without spending a penny out of my own pocket!!

Here is the final look.

Now, I'll have to very patiently wait (boy is that hard) til we have a more permanent bedroom to complete my vision!

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