Friday, January 15, 2010

Bedroom Makeover: Part 3

Here is the final segment of my bedroom makeover...well, for now atleast. 

With the material that I absolutely adore, I covered some lamp shades.  It took more work finding a lamp that would work for this project (that didn't cost me an arm and a leg) than it did to actually complete the project itself.  After searching and searching and searching, I finally came across some clearance lamps at Pier1 that would do the trick!  Here is what they looked like before I started:

It's a nice looking lamp, but I wanted a shade a tad more interesting and I also wanted it to match our new bedroom decor. I simply cut off the fabric covering this shade and with a little hot glue, added my own fabric.  Simple as that!

Wait, I must retract my prior statement that the lamp shopping took the longest part.  That's a lie - a big lie!  How did I even forget that I first painted the fabric!  That's right...the yellow in the fabric was too much of a mustard color to match the shade of yellow I am going for in the room.  When I was at the craft store, I was in so much aww over the pattern of the fabric that I didn't even think about the shade of yellow (oops)...** sigh**  So I spent hours upon hours painting it the correct color.  It was worth it though :)

Here is the final look: (ignore the unmade bed and messy night stand...I was too excited to take the picture!)

I made two lamps, because in the future, I would like to have 2 night stands.  But for now, we just have the one.  And that completes the beginning of our bedroom makeover!

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