Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jewelry Display DIY

Back in 2007, I worked at Flash Digital Portraits and had access to all the damaged goods, for free! Without a need for them, I still brought home 2 of their 8 x 20 picture frames. I figured, SOMEday, I'd find something to do with them. I managed to use one back in 2008 when a friend got married. The other one, however, I've been hauling around with me, move after move, still in the box without a need in site. I FINALLY decided to put the frame to use this past week. I have a jewelry box at home. You know, the kind that has square sections for all your earrings to sit in, get hooked together and you forget what earrings you actually have because you can't see them all and then when you need a pair you go digging for the two earrings that match. It's the same kind that you can hang your necklaces in, but half of your necklaces are too long or too chunky to really fit and still be able to close the door.

Problem solved, killing two birds with one stone: I'll use that frame I've never had a use for AND make my jewelry more organized and readily available. And I'll give myself some bonus points - this project only cost me $4!

Here's the DIY breakdown.

You'll need:
-One frame of any size
-Cardboard or thick sturdy foam board (my frame still had the cardboard in it)
-Material of your liking
-Hooks that have screwy things at the end (such technical terms, I know)
-mesh wire (I used a floral mesh wire, but chicken wire would work as well)
-hot glue
-spray paint

My frame was already black, just the way I wanted it. But if you have a frame that you want a different color, just spray paint it.

My frame came with carboard already in it, but if yours didn't or its an old frame, etc - simply measure the size of the inside of your frame and cut the cardboard/foam to size - so if fits with a tiny bit of wiggle room, into the frame.

Lay your material our, face down and place cardboard cutout on top of it. Cut the material so it is about 1 inch larger on each side than the carboard. Making sure the material is completely flat, wrap the edges around the cardboard and secure with some hot glue.

Measure wire, so once again, it is about 1 inch larger on each side than the cardboard.

Spray paint the wire to match your frame. The hooks come in to play later, but if those don't match your frame - and you want them too, you might as well spray paint those at the same time.

Once the wire is painted and dry, lay it flat, place cardboard piece face down and wrap the edges of the wire around the cardboard. Secure with hot glue.

Place cardboard/wire piece into the frame (if there is glass in the frame, remove it) so the front shows through the front of the frame. Close back of frame.

Flip it over, smile, you're almost done!

Measure where you want your hooks to be and screw the hooks in to the frame.
Hang on wall (duh :) )

Now you're done! Easy peasy and fun way to organize your jewelry for a low cost!

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