Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nursery Reveal

The nursery is (almost) finished!  Now we are just waiting for our little guy to arrive!

I'll let the pictures do the talking for this post...

When we first looked at the house, the room looked like this:
And then it was Dan's office for a little over a year:

And now, it is our little guy's nursery!  Once we found out we were expecting, I started to dream up nursery plans and I had originally planned on something like this if we had a boy: 

Once it was confirmed we are having a boy, I started with the gray, aqua and orange but quickly decided I wanted to add in some navy blue too.  

Here is what we ended up with:


The dresser now has a changing pad on top of it:

A few of the details:
Using a piece of scrap wood, I created some artwork for the wall.  The steps were simple: stain wood, paint the quote and the heart and hang on the wall.  I chose this quote because Dan's mom would say this to him as a little boy (and sometimes still as a big boy).  

I created this artwork in Adobe Illustrator and framed it in an Ikea frame.  

Dan and I made these book shelves, following this tutorial.

My mom helped me make this ottoman pouf by following this tutorial, but altering the measurements to fit our needs. 

I made the mobile that hangs over the changing table/dresser.  I also made the yard wrapped H (that you can barely see) and painted the dog silhouette because I just had to include our first baby in the nursery somehow.  The top shelf has some pictures of our adorable niece and her beautiful mama!

 The biggest DIY project I tackled (with help from my brother) for the nursery was the toy box with an abacus on the front.  I will eventually do a whole post on this project. 

And here is a complete breakdown/source list:
Crib - Target
Crib skirt - sewn by my Grandmother using leftover fabric from our bedskirt and this fabric
Quilt: sewn by my Grandma (she's so talented!)
Boppy pillow cover - Etsy
Paper lanterns: Online here
ABC artwork: created by me
Floor lamp: Ikea
Side Table: Amazon
Chair: ordered from a catalog at Becker Furniture
Curtains: sewn by my Grandmother using blackout fabric and this fabric
Dresser: Dan's childhood dresser, but given a makeover
Shelves over dresser: Ikea

The only thing left to do is paint the doors white and put the closet door back on....oh ya, and have that baby so he can enjoy his new room! :)


  1. What size paper lanterns did you purchase?

  2. Have you posted the DIY project for the toy box? I am wanting to make one and it looks PERFECT!

    1. Hi Allison, I have not, I lost all of my photos that I took along the way :(

      I basically built this box, but to the dimensions I needed to fit in that corner and I didn't add the molding around the top and bottom:

      For the abacus on the front I used 2x2s to make the frame. I drilled holes about 1/2" deep for the dowels to fit. I cut the corners of the frame at 45* angles. Attached 3 of the frame pieces to the box, put the dowels in, added the wood beads and then put the 4th side on. The top of the box was upholstered prior to attaching to the box.

      There are a lot of tutorials on pinterest for making an abacus, that explain the steps with photos better!

      I hope that helps a little, sorry I don't have a full tutorial!