Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY Nursery Mobile

Instead of opting for the traditional crib mobile that attaches to the side of the crib, I decided to hang lanterns over the crib for some visual interest.   But, I also plan on spending a lot of time using the changing table as well, so I made a mobile for the baby to look at during diaper changes.

The process was quite simple (and cheap!).  All it requires is:
- scrapbook paper (I used 2 - 12x12 sheets each of 4 different colors, so 8 sheets total)
- circle punch  (I used a 2" circle)
- fishing line
- ribbon
- double stick tape
- inside piece of a cross stitch hoop (the hoop without the adjuster)
- paint (optional)

As always, I was terrible about taking photos of each step - I really need to get better at that.  But, here is how it's done.  

Step 1 (optional):  paint the cross stitch hoop your color of choice - I painted mine white.

Step 2:  Using the circle puncher, punch out as many circles as possible from your scrapbook paper.

Step 3: Use the double stick tape to attach the circles to the fishing line.  I laid a circle down, put the fishing line over it and applied the tape in a cross over the line, then added another circle right on top of the original circle - so the circle is double sided with the fishing line sandwiched between them.  Repeat this until you have one strand of circles complete - cut the fishing line with a couple inches to spare at the end.  Make multiple strands of varying lengths.  I ended up with 12 strands of circles with anywhere from 6 - 9 circles on each strand. 

Step 4:  Once you have all of the strands of circles complete, the next step is to attach them to the hoop.  To do so, you just tie the strand around the hoop with the extra fishing line at the end of each strand.  You'll want to make sure the circles start as close to the hoop as possible.  I didn't have an exact science to this step, I just kind of guessed and eye balled it as I went to figure out the distance between each strand.  At the end, the last 2 strands were kind of close together so I just slid the other strands as needed to get an even consistent look.

Step 5:  Attach the ribbon to the top of the hoop, this will be how the mobile gets hung up.  I used 3 strands of ribbon.  2 strands were the exact same length and formed a criss-cross over the hoop.  Each end was tied to one side of the hoop. The 3rd strand of ribbon tied around the meeting point of the 2 attached strands and then was also tied to the hook in the ceiling.

And that is it!

I sure hope Baby Hall enjoys the colorful mobile and stays semi-entertained while getting his diaper changed! 


  1. I am making one for my grandson due at the end of Nov.

  2. I need help lol! Can you take a closer pic of how the ribbon meets together to hang it?

  3. I found this post on Pinterest and am going to make one for my baby due in November. How big an embroidery hoop did you use? Thanks!!