Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We've moved!

We are back in MN. After a short 10 months in SD, we've just decided MN is a better fit for this Hall duo. I've started work back at Thomson, some things have changed but it almost feels as if I never left. In a matter of 4 days we managed to find someone to sublease our townhouse in Sioux Falls, find a place in Burnsville, load up a moving truck, drive from SD to MN, unload the moving truck and nearly complete unpacking. Needless to say, we're exhausted! Hopefully we'll manage to get the last few boxes unpacked in the next few days and get to the grocery store! Unless you consider ranch dressing and ketchup a meal, we're in desperate need of goodies to line the fridge shelves with!

We decided before our move to MN to forego anything fancy, in hopes of saving up a nice lump of cash so we can buy our first home in the next year! So we've moved into a cozy little 1 bedroom + den apartment in Burnsville (pictures coming later).

We'll be settled in in no time! The last task on our big "to-do" list is to find Dan a job that he'll enjoy. He's been hard at work sending out his resume and attending interviews, so we're confident it'll all work out soon!

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