Sunday, August 9, 2009

Date Day

With all our pending excitement about to happen in the next few weeks, Dan and I needed a day to relax and not think about finding Dan a job, who's going to rent our place in SF, where we will live in MN, when we will move, how we will go about the move and all the other minor details. Our house really needed to be cleaned as well, but instead we had a fun filled Date Day to relax ourselves!  First we started with a delicious breakfast: strawberry smoothies and blueberry muffins! 

After breakfast, we went out for a bike ride around the neighborhood.  But first we stopped to do our "sexiest" pose on our bikes (:

And there is always time to stop and pick a pretty flower!

Then it was off to the golf course!  For our birthdays we got a golf punch card from my parents, but with a dwindling summer and what seems to be crazy busy weekends, we haven't had a chance to get much golfing in. Much to our surprise, we both played fairly well!  I got my first ever par 5 and Dan got 2 birdies! 

It was hot!  But we certainly didn't complain because the warm weather seems to be sparse this summer!  After golf
 we came home to have a fun little "candle light" dinner...Dan's favorite, French Dip!
And to finish off our date day, we took a little road trip to the Drive-in.  The Sturgis Rally is going on right now, so we saw a fair share of motorcycles,
 this guy was my favorite. 
It was a crowded night at the drive-in but we managed to find a good spot and enjoy 2 movies: The Proposal and Hangover.  The best part was that it only cost us $5 a person to get in and enjoy both shows!
We got home about 1:45 in the morning, but it was a day well spent!  Exciting times in life generally cause a little stress and being stressed is never easy, but it's always great to be able to forget about life's stresses for one day and just enjoy the company of your best friend!

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