Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What does your dream kitchen look like?

Here is some inspiration for ours:

(I wish I could give proper photo credit, but I saved this picture awhile back and don't remember where I found it)

I love the white cupboards with the dark butcher block counters!  Someday, our kitchen will have the same feel to it....someday.....

And I stumbled across this blog post the other day, that reconfirmed how beautiful white cabinets and wood counters are:

Until then, the small kitchen updates will have to do.  My chairs finally got their table.  When transporting the chairs and table to our house from the craigslist seller, one of the table legs broke :(  But, it is nearly fixed now! One more trip to Home Depot for a metal brace and the table will be good as new!  And the light got a little face lift as well - a coat of brushed nickle spray paint.