Friday, April 1, 2011

Another hole?

Remember last week when I mentioned that the mini bathroom make-over all started because of the hole in the wall?  Well, that wasn't the only hole I was needing to cover up before Friday.  I also had this...

...thanks to the old school phone jack I ripped off the wall in the kitchen.  But in this instance, there wasn't time to patch the hole and paint the entire kitchen, like I did in the bathroom.  So instead, for under $10 total, I picked up this...

along with a can of this
and this

and went to town painting a couple old wooden paintings I wasn't using anymore along with the frame of that lovely floral print above.  I also covered a piece of super thick cardboard in left over fabric from the kitchen chairs.  Hung them all up on the wall, to get this:

Problem solved: the hole is covered and we have a fun little chalkboard/peg board area in our kitchen so I can jot down or hang up random notes & reminders!  

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  1. this is sooo adorable. I want one and I don't even have a hole to cover