Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Are Homeowners!

We closed on our first house last Friday and couldn't be more excited that we are no longer property virgins! 

The whole process has been almost comical as we've had plenty of  "adventures" already, but are so overly excited that nothing is really bringing us down! Just to name a few:

- It was negative 26 the morning we woke up to close (and move into) on our house - so moving got pushed back a day.
- My car wouldn't start due to the extreme cold
- When we went to pick up our moving truck, the computers didn't work so what should have taken 5 minutes, took 45 minutes.
- When we tried to return the moving truck, the truck wouldn't start.
- The furnace stopped working the 2nd day we were here.  3 days & 5 repair guys later - our furnace is working!  Thank goodness we opted in to the MN Energy Service plan - whew!
- Internet was installed and 5 minutes later, it quit working
- I forgot all of our groceries in my brother's car on moving day - my brother doesn't live very close to us!

On the upside:
- We are homeowners of a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom walkout rambler with a nice sized yard!!
- We had awesome help over the weekend!!  We can not be thankful enough for all the people that helped us move, unpack, clean, assemble, etc.

Here are just a couple pictures of the house, with the old homeowners stuff:

Front of the house:
Master Bedroom:
Walk-through Master Bathroom: 

We have been busy unpacking and organizing.  Stay tuned for some "after" pictures!

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