Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DIYing with what I had

I had the urge to do some more little projects.  On Sunday afternoon, I started digging through dresser drawers and instantly Dan knew what I was up to and said "what project are you going to start now?"

First, I had a couple candles packed away in a box...nothing special, just the typical pillar candle - but they matched our new room, so I decided to spruce them up a bit!  I had about 10 inches of beading left over from the lamp shade make-over, so I used that on the white candle. I simply painted the ribbon gray and pinned it around the candle - easy peasy!  My other candle got some ribbon and a flower.  2 boring candles turned glam in 10 minutes!

Next on the list is a painting.  I've had a canvas stacked in the back of the closet for well over 2 years now.  I started a painting long ago, didn't like the direction it was going and tucked it away until I was more inspired.  Yesterday, I suddenly had the urge to paint - so I dug out the half painted canvas and started painting. I didn't have anything particular in mind, except for that it needed to go above the bed in our room.  Here's the finished product.

Please excuse the unmade bed - I never claimed to be the best housekeeper there is :)

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