Monday, November 21, 2011

The Table is DONE!

The table is finally complete, well almost...

It is as complete as we need it to be for now:

Those notches you see on the underside are for the extensions we made.  This is the part that is nearly complete, but not quite.  I haven't put the protective coat on the extensions yet - but here is what they will look like....just imagine them a bit shinier and one on each end:

And, I couldn't resist decorating the table a bit.  

We need a different rug, and the light fixture needs to be lowered and the center piece will probably change as I have a vision of a vase with white branches and ornaments, and we need curtains and a couple more chairs for the ends and the walls need to be painted and decorated.....but that is all beside the point - WE HAVE A FINISHED TABLE! ONE THAT I AM PRETTY DANG PROUD OF!!! Thanks Collin, for the help building it!

Oh, and I can't forget.  The chairs were a craigslist find, that I painted white.  I would like two more parson chairs for each end of the table - maybe Santa will bring them to me ;)

Speaking of Christmas, I also started decorating a bit early this year.  We will be out of town for Thanksgiving and I'd like the house to be in the Christmas spirit when we return!

That white thing is the top of my parents old pantry doors.  I painted it white and we'll use it to put the Christmas cards on once they start rolling in.  

I love this time of year, and I can't wait to kick off the Holiday Season with Thanksgiving back home this week!


  1. The table looks drop dead gorgeous! Yes, I think we should open that up to use on furniture :) Also love the rustic and modern meshing with those white chairs. You're really great at decorating, it is fun to see your handiwork!!

  2. Looks great! I love the color of the stain you chose and am partial to those chairs because I have them too. Great job:)

  3. excellent, so you made that table from scratch? or did you repurpose it? what kind of wood is that acadian? the grain is lovely. i also like the modern chairs with it! :)

  4. Thanks everyone! It was such a fun project and we are super happy with the end result :)

    Melinda, we did build it from scratch, see the previous posts to learn more. It is made from pine, purchased at Home Depot and Menards.