Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Retail Therapy

Findlaw doesn't seem to be following the trend of business being down this year. In fact, we're insanely busy at work! We're busy enough that for a month, they offered to pay us for working Saturdays. Along with these extra hours, came extra work and heightened goals. And with all of that, we have some fun incentive ($$$) drawings going on if we meet our goals. Five weeks passed and I had no such luck winning any of the drawings (there are 3 each week). Then, in the 6th week, I FINALLY WON! Not only did I win, but I won the drawing worth the most!

Extra cash is certainly nice right now, aferall, we are a one income household for the time being. But, the great thing about our incentive money is that it only comes in a gift card. This means this extra money could not be spent on bills....darn, huh?! After tossing around ideas of where to get my gift card to, I decided on Target. All households always need to take trips to Target, so I figured this would be the smartest way to go! Then I had the internal debate of using the card to purchase household items, groceries and other not very fun to buy things OR spoiling myself a little bit. With a little encouragement from a good friend and the ok from my husband - I compromised on a little of both and boy am I happy I did! It's always fun to walk in the door, bags in hand, after making FUN purchases!

Here's what I got: a dark teal wrap dress, a funky thick black belt, tights (never thought i'd buy those!), a cute graphic t-shirt, a vest (that Dan refers to as a cape) and a simple aqua long sleeve t-shirt. (.....and some groceries, but a list of those isn't exciting). And my checkbook is still smiling because it was all "free" to me! :)

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